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1 Hospital and wards
2 Human body
3 Musculoskeletal system
4 Circulatory system
5 Digestive system
6 Respiratory system
7 Urinary system
8 Nervous system
9 Reproductive system
10 Integumentary system
11 Vitamins
12 Help your heart
13 What is a hayfever
14 HIV
15 Smoking
16 Exercise
17 Eat variety of food
18 Surgery
19 Are you happy
20 Anxiety, depression
21 Nursing career
22 Admission
23 Nursing process
24 Physical health
25 Florence Nightingale


The hospital usually has two main parts - an outpatient department and an inpatient department. The inpatient department is composed of wards. The most important personality in the ward is the head nurse. She has complete responsibility for the nursing staff, for the running of the wards and the standard of nursing and training.

Each ward unit is under the charge of a ward sister who is an experienced nurse, responsible to the head sister for all matters of nursing. She is assisted by Staff Nurses. The rest of nursing staff is made up of the probationer nurses and auxiliary nurses. They learn the basic art of nursing including bed making, washing patients, bedpan rounds, giving medicine, etc. The ward sister is responsible for their ward training.

A ward unit usually consists of the rooms for the patients, a day room for patients, an admission room, a treatment room, sister´s room, small laboratory and bathrooms and lavatories.

The general plan of a day´s work is ward rounds, operating, special treatments, etc. The patients are sent to the hospital by general practitioners, and, if it is necessary, they must stay in hospital for another treatment and they become inpatients.

  • Describe the two main parts of each hospital.

  • What are the main tasks of a nurse?

  • What parts does a ward unit consist of?

  • What department of the hospital would you like to work in and why?

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